Of Defiance

by Greg the Hero

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syn Very heavy deathcore band. Hope these guys go places! The breakdowns are a bit less straightforward than most bands lending them a bit more memorable sound. I love the guitar tone on this album. Fun tunes on here and worth checking out if you have 15 minutes.
8.5/10 Favorite track: Forging a Legacy.
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...WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE<3? Favorite track: Bryn Mawr.
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This is our debut EP that we tracked with Brian Hood at 456 Recordings. We hope you enjoy.


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Greg the Hero Atlantic, Iowa

We are Greg the Hero out of Atlantic, IA. We are a death metal/Black Metal band. We recently released our debut EP "Of Defiance." Help us out by purchasing it.

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Track Name: Bryn Mawr
(We all know what the first word is.)

Hands of a shapeless entity reach out and rip at me picking at the
flaws which only make me human...
Seemingly thrusted into a complication, one larger than I could begin to comprehend
An infinite hold, a vice of sorrow, holds me in place
A constant choke killing off my life force
My veins constrict my bones leaving me frozen in place
I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing…..I can’t believe it.

Anguish is the anchor around my neck.
I feel my sorrows weigh me down. It takes hold with enormity.
My eyes are blinded to the good in this world. They search hard but
all is in vanity.

I'm at my weakest but there is strength to rise, strength to regain.
Track Name: Forging a Legacy
Forging a Legacy
Smell the stench of my despicable void.
Forever worthless to this world
Trapped in the shadows of those who have exceeded my worth, my flesh has been seared by the gazes of eyes glaring down on me.
Their eyes burn me alive.
I can see it’s what they want.
They hunger for my failure.
Will I ever please them? Will I ever be free?
Their eyes burn me alive.
I long for the warmth of the sun to shine upon my face.
Yet I remain cold.
Tear my feet from the ground and rip away the rotting roots that have sewn me in place.
Tear me open and dissect my insides, rewrite my instincts, choke off my life.
Forge my legacy.
Color my eyes black.
Set me in stone for an optimal strength that brings this forced life to the end of all days.
Track Name: Northern Moon
I am present
I am here
Co existing with you is pure dread
You're staring right through me
I might as well not even exist
Stupid is as stupid does

And as i stand here speechless
I keep in mind that i have a voice
One person can corrupt this world
But they will never have their grip on me

The hearts you've changed
Have turned against you
Your idle words just bring us to our knees
And your ideals
Surpass my conscience
All morals just thrown
Into the wind

And with arms raised to the northern moon you cry to the walking Dead whose ears are tuned to the vile ones
The vile ones
Track Name: White Elephant Holiday
Sequence your sensations. The days are filled to the brim with tasks and duties more than less tiresome.
Worked to the bone and weary of the waking day, welcome the slumber and dream the days away.
Let the images and thoughts pass through your mind, it’s just a part of the human existence.
Close your eyes let you mind take over.
Escape the demands of society.
Close your eyes let your mind take over.
As I slip into this daze I escape what’s real. I substitute this world for my own.
As I dream of days past, my mere demeanor is revealed. Dead days are just a memory, I will dream forever.
Track Name: Weight of the World
We’re gathered here today to witness failure in a substantial form.
They’d all be lying if they said can’t appreciate dedication, but when it constantly comes to being dedicated to anything you’re out of luck.
Pathetic subject of speculation, you’re out of luck.
My calculations serve me correctly yet again.
You’re entirely too predictable.
You’ve brought yourself down with the weight of the world resting on your back.
I can’t begin to fathom the reality you must endure.
It must be so lonely in the center of the sky.
Destined for greatness?
I stare into the sky to see if I can spot you, but the clouds tend to block my view and without forgiveness I will watch you fall.
Destined for greatness?
I will watch you fall.